Decades of Experience In The Cannabis Industry


Membership and Networking

We are a private association with several membership levels and options. Each level unlocks greater opportunities for our members. We focus on individuals interested in gaining knowledge, service providers seeking to grow their business via referrals, entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their business and investors interested in partnering in these opportunities. 


Business and Management Consulting

Our consulting arm provides a turn key solution for any industry players whether it be a start up or existing business. We focus on members interested in the following areas:

  • Starting up or growing a business;
  • Improving or streamlining product or service offerings; 
  • Mitigating risk and increasing returns; 
  • Improving procurement and leveraging off of our network purchasing; 
  • Marketing, selling and pre-selling crops or securing contracts for these or related products;
  • Managing business and/or projects to successful completion;
  • Readying projects and proposals in order to optimize opportunities to secure funding;
  • Securing transportation and distribution for crop and products.

Investment and Project Funding

We enable members to invest in early stage, high-growth hemp and cannabis ventures of their own choosing or via our private placement funds with the efficiency of a large investment entity.


Members are afforded the opportunity to invest as accredited or non-accredited investors. Details regarding each are discussed during the initial consultations.


The depth and breadth of our membership and networks offers hemp and cannabis entrepreneurs a vast resource of expertise and financing advantages. Consequently, Brassleaf's private association does not restrict potential investments to specific hemp and cannabis sectors.  The best entry into Brassleaf is to contact us for a review and recommenation of your business by our screening committee. 


Brassleaf is the center point for success in the Cannabis industry.

We provide turnkey solutions covering the hemp and cannabis industry aimed at investors, entrepreneurs and service providers.