Membership Has its Advantages

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Brassleaf. Joining Brassleaf supports our work to make the hemp plant available to all who can benefit from its many positive uses. As a Brassleaf member, you will also have access to our network, experience, knowledge, services and finance that will give you valuable and timely information and guidance about the hemp industry and participation in the many lucrative opportunities that currently exist.

Why become a Brassleaf member?

We are a professional, responsive and effective as a private business association working on behalf of all sectors of the hemp industry and support use of all parts of the hemp plant for its many beneficial uses. In the 1800’s hemp was the most cultivated crop in the U.S. It’s time for hemp to return to where it can become a significant source of jobs and provide a domestic supply of hemp for emerging industrial use and opportunities that are now coming to fruition instead of relying on the millions of dollars worth of hemp imported into the U.S.

Who are our Members?

Our membership includes farmers, entrepreneurs, processors, manufacturers, researchers, investors, service providers, organizations and businesses of all sizes who have entered the emerging hemp industry. Our mission includes Knowledge transfer and Education, Legislation Support, Consulting and Business Development and Investment and Project Funding.

How do you join?

We offer different levels to meet the wide range of our members, including basicservice provider (for organizations), network, and a BronzeSilver and Gold Business levels (offering significant exposure for your company). Membership is paid annually.

To join Brassleaf, just select the Membership level that is most appropriate to you below, and click the “JOIN” button. You will  see a simple form  to complete your application and purchase. 

NOTE: We are selective in approving our members and payment will only be due following approval. You will be invoiced accordingly after approval for payment to be submitted.

Once you become a  member you will have access to all the benefits relevant to your selected level, plus you will gain opportunities, connections and exposure for your project or enterprise.

Thank you in advance for your support as we work together to move the industrial hemp industry forward and bring industrial hemp back to America. Below is the outline of benefits associated with each membership level. Following selection of the level most suitable to you, please select your option below and complete the simple application process. We will review your details and upon successful selection your application will be approved.

Benefit Basic Service Provider Network Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly newsletter & updates
Receive timely industry updates
Discounted access to Brassleaf events
Access to ongoing knowledge and reports
Service Provider status and referrals
Free access to one annual event
Guidance by Brassleaf team
Invitation to attend hemp investment events
Ongoing mentorship by Brassleaf team
Logo listing with link on Brassleaf website
Discounted consulting and services
Preferred partner status and recommendations
Two hour consultation with Brassleaf team
Headline sponsor status at Brassleaf events
Strategic partner status with guaranteed sales
4 hour consultation with Brassleaf team
Direct access and input on Brassleaf projects
Title Description Price Cart

Basic Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


Service Provider Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


Network Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


Bronze Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


Silver Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


Gold Membership

Benefits as per the table above.


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