Your Center For Excellence In The Hemp & Cannabis Industry.

We are a private business association based on membership. Via our network we are strategically positioned to provide turnkey solutions covering the hemp and cannabis industry aimed at investors, entrepreneurs and service providers.


Over 10 years of experience with Hemp & Cannabis Businesses together with peripheral service providers

With over 10 years in the hemp and cannabis industry, we decided to focus on the lucrative opportunities via  investment, partnering, consulting  and provision of peripheral services within the  hemp and cannabis industries. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our expertise, finance and services are crucial in the process that is designed to empower any team to execute goals and achieve optimum results.

We are the center point of excellence for hemp investors, entrepreneurs & service providers.

We offer all our services, finance and expertise to members within our association and by doing so achieve optimum results and returns for all partners and members.


Membership, Finance, Expertise, Network and Consulting ensuring success for all we serve


Membership Exclusivity & Perks

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Networking & Global Leverage

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Investment & Project Funding

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Business & Management Consulting

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Why Choose Us?

Experience, Resources and Finance together with Business consulting and management are key— that’s why when it comes to member and client selection, we are choosy. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve to ensure success. 

Experience and Consulting

Via our membership platform you are able to Work with Experts and Individuals who assist in all aspects of your business from seed to shelf and any project or process in between to ensure successful execution and development for your company, project or service offering.

Global Leverage

Our members leverage their network to connect you with knowledge, revenue & resources internationally.

Your Business Depends on Your Decisions

Business consulting and mentors are key— that’s why when it comes to client selection, we ensure that the best possible team and management is brought together and accessible to our members. We want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve. 

Ripe Opportunities

We enable investors to invest in early stage, high-growth hemp & cannabis ventures of their own choosing with the efficiency of a large investment entity.

We also assist and enable our member and entrepreneurs access to knowledge, resources, funding and additional products and services crucial to ensure most risks are mitigated in execution of each project and business plan.


Our Expert Team
Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives & Goals

Financial Freedom


Wisdom & Experience


Startup Jump-start


Investment Leverage


To Reality

We offer a full turnkey solution to all our members and clients from seed to shelf and anything in between. We also work with projects, technology and service providers that provide essential services peripheral to the industry.

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